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Contact Bigby Street Dental Practice in Brigg if you have any queries about appointments for dental treatment and your rights and responsibilities.

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You have a right to expect a high standard of dental care from our team and we will try at all times to provide the very best care possible within the resources available.

In order to assist you in this we require that you take full responsibility for ensuring that you do not abuse the service. For example, it is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that appointments are kept and advice given is followed.


  • A thorough examination of your mouth, teeth and gums

  • A full explanation of your treatment options

  • Information about NHS charges displayed in the waiting room

  • A written treatment plan (including cost)

  • Advice on how to keep your teeth and gums healthy

  • Information about this practice and services available

  • A care and treatment summary if you decide to transfer to another dentist

  • Make a complaint if you are not happy with your treatment and care


  • Giving at least 24 hours notice if you have to cancel or change your appointment

  • Attending appointments. If you miss more than three appointments we may no longer be able to offer you treatment

  • Following your dentist advice to prevent tooth decay and gum disease

  • Bringing proof of entitlement when claiming help with the cost of NHS treatment. If no proof is shown eligibility will be checked

  • Paying your bill promptly

  • Treating our staff with courtesy and respect*

* Please note – we may refuse to treat patients who are violent, fail to pay their bills or refuse to cooperate during treatment. In this case we will inform the patient and the area team of NHS England.

  • Can I ask for a home visit?
    If you are housebound and either cannot get to a dental surgery or have significant difficulty travelling, the Community Dental Service can help with their Domiciliary Service. Patients will be assessed to ensure they meet the criteria. To contact the Community Dental Service, please call 01724 292120.
  • Can I view my dental records?
    Under the General Data Protection Regulation patients have the right to access to their personal information if they are eligible to do so. The request must be made in writing and describe the type of information required with dates, if possible, and include sufficient information to ensure correct identification (name, address, date of birth, for example). We will provide the requested information within one month of receiving the request or confirming the individual’s identity. We will provide the information in a way that can be understood by the individual making the requests and may need to provide an explanation to accompany dental clinical notes. If you require any further information please contact the practice to request a copy of our “Access to Information Policy”
  • How do I make a complaint?
    We are devoted to providing a great service at all times to our patients. We aim to ensure all of our patients leave happy with the treatment and service that they have received. In the unlikely event that you should have a complaint with any of the treatment/services that you have received we will always aim to resolve the issue with you. We will follow our code of practice for patient complaints at all times. The practice manager who is the practice complaints manager will deal with all complaints. Complaints dealing with clinical care or associated charges will normally be referred to the dentist concerned, unless the patient does not want this to happen. Read more about our Code of Practice for Handling Patient Complaints
  • What is the aftercare after an extraction?
    Rest for a few hours avoiding strenuous exercise. Keep your head up to avoid any bleeding Avoid hot food and drink until anaesthetic wears off as can burn or scald your mouth and you can bite your cheek Avoid alcohol and smoking for 24 hours to prevent infection Do not rinse the mouth for 24 hours. After this use a salt-water mouthwash (a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water) to rinse around the socket for at least a week If you have any pain or discomfort take the painkiller you would normally take for a headache, avoiding aspirin as this can make your mouth bleed If excessive bleeding occurs bite firmly on a folded piece of cotton material such as a handkerchief over the extraction site for at least 15 minutes. Repeat if necessary You may feel the sharp edge of your socket with your tongue and occasionally small fragments of bone may work their way out. This is normal and nothing to worry about It is not unusual to experience swelling or discomfort for a few days. However, if pain, swelling or bleeding is persistent contact your dentist
  • COVID-19
    The practice is open during normal opening hours for dental services. We ask that any patients who have any Covid-19 or respiratory symptoms with an appointment to rearrange where possible until their symptoms subside. We are still asking patients to arrive at their appointment time and not to arrive early, and attend on their own where possible. It is no longer compulsory for patients to wear a face mask at the practice, but any patient attending the practice can wear a face mask if they choose to.


Contact our helpful and efficient reception staff Bigby Street Dental Practice in Brigg.

01652 653163

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